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Operational Planning

Optimise your productions with our advanced Operational Planning system. Balance art and technology, guiding the management of production phases. Easily divide each production into stages, ensuring a continuous flow. Customise any type of production with our dedicated templates. Organise sequential, parallel or related activities intuitively. Monitor progress with defined KPIs, identify delays and reassign resources with agility. Clearly visualise tasks through a Gantt chart, evaluate workload and reallocations. Inoltre, . Simplify input of worked hours through the integrated shop traveller.

Artistic planning

The OPERA ERP Artistic Planning Module facilitates the planning of every aspect of your projects, productions and events. Whether single projects, complex performances, festivals or tournée dates, you can do it through a flexible and customisable structure that simplifies the management of resources and activities involved.

With intuitive tools and drag-and-drop options, you can easily monitor and manage multiple locations and times simultaneously, from days to weeks, months or customised periods. Change the visualization to your liking, save templates and presets, and export data in your preferred format.

Il Modulo di Pianificazione supporta tutte le fasi di definizione dei cast, delle risorse e delle attività, compresi contatti e contratti. You can simulate scenarios, compare them with real data and anticipate changes in a dedicated area. Proactive business rules guide you through the process, avoiding planning anomalies in real time.

Staff and attendance

Discover OPERA ERP’s advanced HR Module, always aligned with current regulations. Easily manage employee records, define company rules and check attendances. Calculate payroll entries to be transferred to the dedicated software.

Key functions include:

  • Contract Management: Workflow for requesting, approving and creating contracts.
  • Application and Audition Management.
  • Working Hours Management: Declaration, approval and management of work hours, travel, vacations, etc.
  • Attendance Management: Comparison of planned and worked hours, generation of payroll items.
  • Statistics: Detailed analysis of attendance, contracts, flexibility and more.
  • Sandbox: Simulation area for testing new business rules and scenarios.

Auditions, competitions and contacts

Easily create calls for applications, competitions and auditions for staff selection This versatile tool also offers you a powerful candidate evaluation system, with the possibility to view their uploaded informations.

Management of materials and costumes

Use advanced materials management functions to create a virtual inventory of costumes, props and sets, ready to be assigned to productions and artists. Adding details and images is intuitive and efficient, allowing a complete description of each item. These features allows you to monitor the availability of materials in real time and track their use in productions.

Digital Signage

OPERA ERP offers native support for Digital Signage devices, making planned data accessible in different formats for easy management through the interfaces of these tools. Alternatively, you can opt to use the web version via common touch screens, thus ensuring access to planned information for your employees or guests within workspaces, even via mobile devices.

Archive management

With the Historical Archive module, you can preserve and structure your organisation’s rich heritage of performances. This tool allows you to catalogue each performance, including casting details, performance information, posters and research data. Organise and easily consult the archive, either through criteria such as composer and title, or through advanced searches. This quick access to historical information is crucial to support informed decisions.

With the Music Archive management tool, you can organize and store all the songs and sheet music usedmanaging their sources, and providing a powerful method for searching and archiving digitized sheet music. The integrated native iOS/Android app allows you to securely share sheet music, modified versions, cuts, excerpts, arrangements, choir parts, and any documents that can aid in study with your collaborators while respecting licenses.

Administration and management control

Explore the administration and management control functionality. With OPERA ERP, you will have everything you need at your fingertips, including:

  • Management Control and Accounting: Manage and analyze company performance in a detailed and precise way, to make informed decisions.
  • Active and Passive Cycle: Simplifies daily operations, optimizing the payment and collection cycle.
  • Ticketing Integration: Easily connect ticketing data, facilitating sales management and ensuring accurate monitoring.
  • Assets and Warehouses: Efficiently manage your assets, from asset accounting to warehouse management.
  • Approval Workflows: Simplify and speed up the approval flow of internal processes, improving efficiency.


Fluent API interconnections

OPERA ERP integrates with a wide range of external systems, simplifying information sharing. Some examples of integrations: Administrative-financial software, HR and payroll, Monitor and Digital signage, Ticketing, Websites...

Guaranteed data security

Security and reliability are at the core of every our solution, essential to ensure Smart Working operations. GDPR compliance, data protection and software security are guaranteed, providing maximum reliability and protection.

Customised support and training

To maximise effectiveness, we provide flexible and customised support. From the initial workshop to user training, we accompany you in the implementation and optimal use of the offered functionalities.

Continuous service and maintenance

Our certified support service provides constant technical and functional support. Our dedicated help desk ensures regular updates to ensure maximum programme efficiency.

OPERA ERP, developed by Labinf Sistemi, a software house with over three decades of experience, is the result of inspiration born in 2007 from the peculiar needs of live Opera and Performing Arts. Constantly growing and evolving thanks to close collaboration with industry experts, OPERA ERP combines technical expertise with a customer-oriented approach. ISO 9001 certified, we guarantee the highest quality services and a constant focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

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