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Opera ERP


OPERA ERP can be used on any device, anytime and anywhere with a PC or mobile device.


OPERA ERP available either on cloud or on premise


Labinf Sistemi provides full support through dedicated call center.


Planning and Production Management

OPERA ERP is based on the basic principle of collaboration and the usability of the data: at any time and from anywhere in the world, it is possible to access and edit managed data.

With Opera Erp it's easy to manage the planning of projects and activities, involved personnel, the costumes , and the materials in a simple and intuitive way. It has been designed to respond swiftly to changing conditions and to help manage scheduled tasks easily.

Budget and Forecasting

BUDGET: OPERA ERP allows you to set a detailed budget for each season and production.


A complete tool to simulate different scenarios for each production or season and comparing them.

FORECASTING: You can make projections of the workload and evaluate the cost of moving or modifying the tasks

Cast and Artistic Personnel

TEMPLATE: an easy tool to build the Theatre's archive of original works with cast roles, duration acts, scenes and costumes breakdown instruments and choir choices needed.

CAST: You can detail the roles of each project, manage multiple casts at the same time, associate costumes, contacts, and much more.

HEADCOUNTS: an easy way to manage artistic personnel, working hours and convocations.

CONTRACTS: a complete tool to manage Contracts and their Workflow

Human Resources

EMPLOYEE DATABASE: A centralized, flexible system of record for all your employee data.

WORKING HOURS MANAGEMENT: The system is designed to fully adapt to the needs of the Theater and its rules, providing a detailed check of times and inconsistencies.

PAYROLL: easy integration with any payroll system, Opera Erp will feed the Payroll system with all the needed data.

Gestione Amministrativa


Contabilità generale, facile ed intuitiva; possibilità di creazione di contabili precompilate

Controllo fatture con abbinamento a Ordini, Entrate merci

Gestione IVA, anche per cassa

Gestione Ritenute e relativa Certificazione

Gestione adempimenti fiscali (intra, spesometro, liquidazioni IVA periodiche,…) con aggiornamento continuo

Gestione stampe fiscali (registri IVA, Libro giornale, libro cespiti)

Interrogazione e stampa mastrini;Gestione cespiti;riclassificazioni di bilancio; bonifici a fornitori; scadenziari ed aging; Cash flow


Gestione del budget Confronto budget/consuntivo, per conto, centro di costo e commessa Contabilità analitica Rielaborazione dei dati per centro e voce di costo Analitica per commessa/centro di costo

And Much More

ACCESS CONTROL: full control of turnstiles, doors; This allows for easy and fine-grained control of employee movement to different areas of your company at different times of the day

CRM: with the Customer Relationship Management: the best way to manage all the Theatre's contacts and promote Fundraising

BI: Business Intelligence It provides companies in any vertical the ability to glean useful information and insight from large amounts of raw data.


the best way to bring company content under control. Important files—like legal contracts, marketing assets and engineering documents are easily found, shared and secured.

MAGAZZINI: gestione automatizzata dei magazzini con etichettatura rfid per gestire in modo semplice ed efficace qualunque tipo di oggetto necessario per lo svolgimento delle attività

MANUTENZIONI: organizzazione e pianificazione delle manutenzioni ordinarie e straordinarie degli impianti



To make the most of Opera ERP's potential, we suggest to try our Cloud platform Nubilium

If needed we can provide our software no-premise


Servers: NUBILIUM Provides any type of server on the IaaS platform whether it is public, private, or hybrid. A private and public networking infrastructure is also available.

Networking: To maximize interoperability between the various locations in the organization, you can configure a MPLS (a geographically private network)


Backup e Disaster Recovery: NUBILIUM offre una soluzione di Disaster Recovery con replicazione su un altro datacenter per garantire continuità al lavoro.

Sicurezza: i dati vengono mantenuti su database non accessibili dall'esterno, gli accessi tramite interfaccia web possono essere gestiti con connessione sicura e certificati ssl


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Single Database

All data managed by a single platform with a single database, to avoid redundant data promote collaboration.

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Opera ERP è progettato in modo semplice ed intuitivo per adattarsi al metodo di lavoro del Teatro

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Opera ERP is designed in a simple and intuitive way to adapt to the Theater Work needs

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Thanks to the Nubilium platform Opera ERP is available everywhere and anywhere

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Opera ERP is designed to promote collaboration within the organization

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Integrated workflow allows to optimize and simplify processes

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Easily customizable look & feel

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Easy to add more features gradually as needed



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